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January 19, 2019 in Health

Flu Update

H1N1 (swine) flu information This is to provide you with a status report of Swedish's readiness to address any concerns related to swine flu. Emergency Management In the big picture,…
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Important infection control information

Please review the following slides.
Infection Control and Industrial Safety for Medical Interpreters
Interpreter leadership across Seattle encourages all medical interpreter contractors to become educated in these facts, in order to practice safely in our facilities. This is the presentation given through our professional association, NOTIS, earlier this year. Please send the information out to all of your contracted interpreters. It is NOT specific to any one hospital.

UW Medical Center Facilities

All interpreters are required to have a flu shot by November 1 to work at UW facilities

Important compensation information

ALL signed vouchers MUST be received within one week of the date of service to ensure compensation. Due to contractual requirements, if vouchers are received later than one week after date of service, payment will not be guaranteed.

Over-scheduled assignments

All assignments over two hours need a detailed breakdown of your time. This is required by all facilities. Any assignment that goes over the scheduled amount of time needs a extension authorization. Please call the WLS office for this authorization.

Swedish Medical Center

In order to do assignments at Swedish all World LS interpreter subcontractors must read and meet all Swedish requirements.

H1N1 Screening and Visitation Policy

Swedish will be implementing screening procedures for ANYONE entering their hospitals and clinics.  This means that all interpreters will have to stop, get screened, and be stickered before they can proceed to appointments. PLEASE FACTOR IN THE ADDITIONAL TIME FOR SCREENING WHEN YOU ARRIVE FOR APPOINTMENTS – WE WON’T KNOW HOW LONG THE SCREENING LINES WILL BE UNTIL IMPLEMENTATION BEGINS.

If any interpreter has been exposed to flu in their home or feels that they are ill, they should check for symptoms and if they have symptoms, they should not accept assignments.  If they arrive to an appointment with symptoms, they will be turned away.

Review the following PDF documents.

Contractor Requirements

If you are providing services at Swedish hospital, you MUST include a signed hourly breakdown for all assignments over three hours. On the fourth hour, an explanation of service and a signature must be included hourly until the end of the assignment.

Back Up Documentation Form

Used for jobs over 3 hours. Complete documentation of time, with SMC staff signatures, is required to guarantee payment

Swedish Online Orientation

This online orientation will provide you with important information you need to complete your interpreter assignments at Swedish and help to deliver the highest quality care as you work with patients, families, and staff. You will learn the expectations, safety codes, rights and responsibilities, privacy and confidentiality requirements for all contractors at Swedish.

Interpreter referrals

Remember we pay a referral fee after the new interpreter or client completes 2 assignments. Make referrals here.